Cannot provision cert because domain "doesn't appear to be served by Netlify"

Thanks perry, I’ll keep an eye out on this thread.

hi all, we have just called an incident for this. Please keep an eye on our statuspage as we investigate.

I or a colleague will try and keep you updated here too but the statuspage is usually most up to date.

Thank you all for alerting us to this issue!


OK, I think we got things fixed. You shouldn’t need to do anything to unblock ongoing provisioning, that is if your UI in the domain settings page in the HTTPS section looks like this:

…then our automated retries are in progress and should complete within the hour (assuming your DNS is in fact correctly configured and propagated).

If it instead looks like this:

Then you do need to do something: you should be able to successfully press the “verify DNS configuration” button and see a confirmation, and then you can provision a certificate in the resulting dialog box.


Amazing, cheers guys! All now fixed on my end and just had my certificates provisioned :tada:


brilliant. glad to hear it. we are going to take some extra time to investigate what exactly happened here, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

if someone still sees the same error, please let us know and tell us your domain name!

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Hi perry, fool,

Thanks for resolving this. My sites are working again as per previously.

Sorry for the blunt tone in my previous comments.

Have a nice day!

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darcy, no worries. we certainly could have caught this sooner and i’m bummed we didn’t. it got a bit obscured because, as i mentioned, we do see that error sometimes for other reasons, so it didn’t immediately set off alarm bells. But, obviously when you have a critical mass of folks all reporting the same thing, its clear something on our end is likely the culprit.

in this case, we have it already narrowed down already and while a permanent fix is still being discussed, we did learn a lot from this incident.

thanks for sticking with us & for your flexibility and patience!

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Hi perry, how are you?
I am having the same issue. I am trying to put my website again online. But it gives me this error. Can you help me? maybe I am missing something. Thank you so much. Before it said that cant review the Lets Encrypt certificate. and now said this:

Hi, @Marufer1806. Your domain ( doesn’t point to Netlify:        600 	IN	    A   3600	IN	CNAME

Those DNS records are not pointing to Netlify. If you create the DNS records according to these instructions, we will be able to provision the SSL:

If there are any questions about those instructions, please let us know.

Hi Luke. I have been trying to fix this problem. I think now the DNS records are pointing to Netlify, however, I’m still getting this error.

Obviously, I am missing something else. I’m not sure what is it.
Could you place help me about it?

it is working now… many thanks. :slight_smile:

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