Cannot add .IT domain to netlify site

Wait, what? I want to use the domain for my netlify site.

When I try add it, I get an error saying

custom_domain is owned by the other account

However, in Chrome Dev Tools I see a failed search request with a response

  "success": false, 
  "error": "domain names ending with it are unsupported"

Is it really unsupported to use Italy’s TLD with netlify sites?

Hi @fundacja!

Yes, we host many many sites that have an .it domain. However, we do not support purchasing .it domains through Netlify. What page were you on when you saw that message? If you could provide a screenshot of that message showing the browser address bar as well that would be quite helpful.

As to actually using the domain on your site, a DNS zone for that domain exists under an account owned by someone named Pawel. We’ll need that DNS zone deleted from Pawel’s account before you can use it on yours. If you know this person, please ask them to delete it. If not, write us back and we can do this a different way. Thank you!

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Ok, so it really was already use… by use.

It’s just that the HTTP response is misleading.

ah, thanks for that report! We’ll get a bug filed on it.