Can one redirect a domain on the free account to Netlify please?

Hello Team,

1- must I buy a domain at Netifly in order to redirect an unstoppable domain?
2- And do I have access to the index file to edit it accordingly then?
3- And would I have to upload my site to Netifly or to Unstoppable domain?

Thank you for your reply, Michi

What do you mean by unstoppable domain?

Hey hrishikesh

sorry for delayed answer and thank you.

I meant an .nft domain from “unstoppable domains”


I’m still not sure what exactly you mean. Could you try to rephrase your question?

Hi @michi1

.nft domains (and others from Unstoppable Domains) are blockchain domains. They do not by default, use the standard DNS.

Have a look at for following thread for further discussion

mega cool support, most appreciated, thank you.
This is a bit difficult for me, so the easierst thing to do would be to buy a domain at netlify and upload the webfiles? But in order to do that, do I need a monthly service from you?

Hey there, @michi1 :wave:

Thanks for following up. I think these this resources will help you:

Additionally, can you talk a bit more about the type of project you will be hosting on Netlify?