Can I have only www subdomain in netlify?

when i add to netlify
it add and redirect to automatically
but i want to keep in my hosting
and use on netlify

why ?: in my hosting there is and app in folder named gestion accessible with
when i link www.totalsmart to the new website i made it automatically redirect
so i cant access

how to make netlify stop adding and only add
and how to stop that redirection

Hi, @moussaab-moulim, and welcome to the Netlify community site. :slight_smile:

It is possible to just use the www subdomain for the custom domain with a Netlify site. However, this also prevents any future changes to the custom domains for the site without assistance from our support team.

We can make this change if you want us to do so. Just remember that if you want to add or remove other custom domains (for this one site, not other sites at Netlify) after we make this change future custom domain changes for this same site will only work if our support team makes the change. We can disable this again at any time also so it works like any other site if you change your mind.

Should we make that Netlify site www only?

hi @luke
yes please i want to add www only without the apex
thank you
please tell me hen the changes are made so i make the proper dns settings

We cannot enable this setting until the DNS record for is pointing to this Netlify site.

Would you please let us know when that has been created?

Note, only this one domain will work with this Netlify site once this change is made. is pointing to
so you can now make the settings

Hi, @moussaab-moulim, we recommend pointing the www subdomain Netlify site’s domain name with a CNAME record, not the load balance IP address used above. This is the type of record we recommend:    3600   IN    CNAME

I can enable this DNS record as it is (except for one more thing below) but all traffic will be sent to a single CDN node and globally, site speed will suffer greatly if this is done.

There is one more thing. There is no site at Netlify with this domain name added to it. I can only enable this setting on a site with this custom domain added. Would you please let me know when that has been done?

Hi @luke
i added cname to point to
and i added the custom domain to netllify

Hi, @moussaab-moulim. That site has been updated to use only

Please keep in mind that no other custom domains can be used for this site while this setting is active. We can add additional custom domains manually if you contact us to do so though.

If there are other questions, please let us know.