Can i get my form to submit to a different custom domain email address?


i have built a site: for a client, which i am nearly ready to go live with and transfer the dns to a custom domain

I need my contact form to submit to a different domain email address as my client wants emails to go through another custom domain which is their main site. Example: and not

My site is built with Eleventy, deploys to Netlify via github and uses NetlifyCMS for client updates. For the contact form I am using to send a basic html form containing name, email and message.

Is this achievable with my current setup or do i need to go down a different path?


As a third-party service to handle the email sending this doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Netlify. The form action is<email_address> so isn’t it simply a matter of changing the email address on the deployed site?

Hi @darkins , welcome to the forums and thanks so much for reaching out. :blush:

Yes, it is certainly possible to have your contact form submit to a different domain email address using your current setup.

You’ll need to update the action attribute in your HTML form to point to a server-side script that handles the form submission and sends the email to the desired email address. You can also use Netlify’s built-in form handling functionality, which can process form submissions and send them to a webhook endpoint.

Thanks @SamO , i’ll take a look into the webhook endpoint, as that probably sounds like a good option