Can I delete or remove the posted message in forum


I was wondering if I could edit the message that I have previously posted or delete the thread.
The site I was referring to is almost live right now. We need to keep all the mentions about it as clean as possible.
Please let me know if you have any ideas.
Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

@hrashchenkova If you cannot delete the post you should be able to edit it to remove the references.

I understand that you’re trying to minimize the mentions in this case but in general you shouldn’t seek help and then delete the question once the problem is solved.

The community members that spend time providing assistance do so knowing that it will also help others that encounter the same thread, thereby cutting down on the number of threads that need to be answered.

Hi @nathanmartin
I’m completely OK to leave the question/answer but just remove the name of the site. It was one of the suggestions. Thanks for your help.

@hrashchenkova It’s no problem, my comment is more for others that will encounter this thread in future when seeking to delete their own threads.

If you cannot delete/edit the thread you could perhaps use the ‘Report’ functionality (the flag icon on the post) and then select ‘Something Else’ and provide the relevant details.


@nathanmartin thanks a lot :slight_smile: much appreciate your help, however, it’s strange, but I don’t have this flag. Perhaps, this is because I have a trial account :frowning_face:
I even created a second account to see if it’s enabled for other users, but no. (by the way I’m replying right now from it, so just you not to be surprised)

You can go to the post you wish to edit and just take out the details. Is this not possible? This will be easiest. If not please post the link to the thread and I can remove the site details.

@SamO I think I can’t edit the post because it’s marked as solved.
Anyway, here is a link to the thread React.js/Create-React-App prerender does not work correct
If it’s not a big deal for you, could you please substitute the site’s name “wi**tog*ft” with [sitename]?
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I’ve edited that post

@hrishikesh @SamO guys, you are the best
many thanks :slight_smile:

Hey guys!
I’m sorry for bothering you again on this matter, but the client went to check and it looked like the thread is still being indexed on Google.
I suspect this might be because the edits are viewable and thus the previous links are still a part of the page. Please see the attached screen.

If there is anything you can do to delete the mentions, I will be grateful.
Please let me know.

Hi, I unlisted the thread so this should be indexed on google anymore.