React.js/Create-React-App prerender does not work correct


I deployed react.js site to Netlify and turned on prerender.

Site url:

I read the documentation, how to debug prerender locally. I installed GitHub - netlify/prerender: Automatically rendering JS-driven pages for crawlers and social sharing and run locally http://localhost:3000/ checked meta-tags and it looks/works correct.

The goal is to get correct meta-tags. Locally it works perfectly.

I emitted google bot and get incorrect result, empty page:

curl -A Twitterbot W2g Portal

I had the same situation with W2g Portal (Blank empty page) After one day It works correctly. From my side I have not changed anything.

It looks like the first prerender works incorrectly. Could you please advise how to debug the issue? From localhost both links work correctly.

Thank you in advance,

Hi @hrashchenkova , thanks for the post.
The response in the link below should be helpful. Kindly check it out.