Can I access Netlify Graph externally?

Hello friends, is Netlify Graph only meant to be accessed from a Netlify function, not externally? I am looking to integrate with Hasura Data Hub, I can query my Netlify Graph directly by hitting<app_id> and access NPM (which doesn’t require auth) but I am not sure if this is how it’s supposed to be used.

Thank you!

@arjunyel-hasura can you clarify what you mean by externally? Is this purely about accessing Netlify Graph outside the scope of a function and instead through your own application/code by issuing REST request against the endpoint?

Hello friend, yes exactly, basically I’m curious if Netlify Graph is meant to ever be accessed outside a Netlify function, for example in my case a Hasura instance. Thank you!

Yup! Accessing it that way is a bit more advanced, but certainly intended as a supported path for anyone looking to do so!

Although it’s important to note that you should rely on<app_id> instead.


@sgrove thank you so much for your answer! I could access Netlify graph stuff that didn’t need auth like NPM but do you have an example of accessing something with auth such as Github? Thanks for your time!

@arjunyel-hasura no example yet, but I am working on putting together a sample later next week (in coordination with @sgrove).

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