How to set app id in Netlify graph?

Hi guys,

On the graph, we can pull data from any platform on graphql.

let’s take Facebook.

2 requirements: Client Token and Facebook App

Netlfiy provides an incredible way to provide client tokens through UI and variables. That’s excellent.

The second point though is missing, how to change the developer’s app Netlify is using inside Graph to call Facebook?


Any idea about this @sgrove ?

Hi @OoO,

Does this help:

I dont have custom OAuth client option for FacebookBusiness for example

Does it work if I do it like this?

Not sure what exactly you’re doing. Could you share a better example or a test repo case?

@hrishikesh What iam trying to do is very basic though.

I’m looking to pull data from facebookBusiness graph.

Now when i did, it use an app that was already setup, probably a test app from Netlify.

I’m looking to use a different Facebook developer app

I think I shared the documentation link for that. If you wish to use a custom app, probably the one you registered with Facebook, you need to supply the App ID and Client ID when asked for in Netlify UI. You can get that by clicking on “Set Custom OAuth Client” when you click on the auth you’re trying to use.

Am I missing something?

I have that option for the service list on the left but can’t find it for facebookBusiness or service on the right,

Am I missing something?

@hrishikesh in case it slip through the crack

Hey @OoO,

We confirmed with the devs and it appears that Facebook API is not supported at the moment. Sorry to have taken time to confirm this.

Thank you for the update, any ETA?

Unfortunately not, at the moment. The devs are working to add support for more providers, but we don’t have any ETA as such.