How to relate Netlify Identity user and Netlify CMS data

Hi, all

I’m so newbie still trying to grab an idea of how I can use Netlify for my eCommerce web/mobile application.

I have two questions:
First, I assume that there is a user authentication token somehow stored and verified by Netlify Identity. So I can gate contents depend on its role. But Is it possible to implement a relation between user token and custom created data(fields of Collections in NetlifyCMS)?
A use case would be like this:
There is a custom Google sign-in page built with React and custom Netilify Identity will be used. This because I want to have a custom UI for Identity widget.
Netlify Identity has to authenticate with Google sign-in API, then a product that the user pressed a like button on will have a relation with the user. Whenever the user logs in again, the react app will pull liked product data from NetlifyCMS by sending a request.

So the following second question is:
Is it possible to create an API scheme with NetlifyCMS so that the client can ask a request like this?

Thank you!

Hi @peter-wd-1,
For the first question user information is stored in local storage under netlify-cms-user and gotrue.user:

But using CMS events is probably the easiest way to link data to authors.

For the second question, the CMS is a headless standalone JavaScript application that saves raw content files in a git repo, so creating such an API scheme would require some kind of a backend service.
You could create a JavaScript wrapper client over the git service and read the data from the repo and parse it.