By default, email when deployment fails

Pretty simple request. I think Netlify should email someone when a deployment fails. It’s odd to me that this is not enabled by default, as Heroku does this and I’m rarely looking at the Netlify dashboard after doing a deployment, especially for sites that auto-deploy from GitHub.

I know that it’s possible to enable this manually, but that means going into the settings of each site one-by-one and enabling this manually, which is pretty annoying and error-prone. I’m sure I’m going to launch a site in the future and forget to enable notifications.

Alternatively, or in addition to this request, perhaps email notifications could be configured globally, so that they do not necessarily need to be modified on a site-by-site basis.

that’s an interesting idea, @johnkarahalis . I’ll bring it to the attention of the team!

@johnkarahalis One thing that might be helpful to know is that GitHub commit statuses, GitHub commit checks, and GitLab commit statuses are enabled by default.