Notification of failed build with full deploy log


I’m handling for the client a site with GraphCMS + 11ty SSG + Netlify and they have few authors of the content. Those authors make errors from time to time and I’m receiving an error notification on my email. Unfortunately, the notification does not contain the full deployment log, where is visible what the error was.
I believe having a full deployment log notification would be a very useful feature because I could then just automatically forward those emails to those authors to correct eventual errors. Now, I have to log in each time to my Netlify account, see where the problem lies, and then communicate to authors what they did wrong.

Are you by any chance mulling this idea?


hi there! this is actually an interesting idea! Thanks for bringing it up. I’ve passed this along to our Product team, and if they decide to pursue this, i’d be happy to keep you informed. Thanks again!

Thank you @perry for your time and effort.