Buying domains through Netlify (temp changing Nameservers)

I just started buying domains through Netlify to streamline our process but i do need to temporarily change our nameservers. Is this not possible on the domain when purchased via Netlify?

*doesnt buying domains via Netlify make me a paying customer and open up more support options ?

Hi, @marktmcewan. Long story short, we do provide all technical support for Starter teams here in the support forum - with the exception certain of types of issues, for example: billing issues and login issues which we will always troubleshoot privately.

About changing the name servers, for this to be done, direct control of the domain of the domain at the register is required. We also handle the transfers of domains privately so we will open a support ticket for this if that is something you decide to do.

To summarize, it isn’t currently possible to temporarily change the name servers without transferring the domain to your direct control at itself. If you want to do this, please let us know.

About why registering domains doesn’t get private helpdesk support, this is because we make no net profit on domain registrations. (There is a gross profit but not after additional overhead is included.) It is the plan type alone that determine the level of technical support available.

We are not a registrar. We are a reseller using the APIs to enable domain registrations. It is an ease of use feature and not a source of profit. We spend more money troubleshooting domain registrations than we will ever generate in profit. Maybe if we were the registrar it would be profitable. However, domain registrations are not a core part of our business and are only a convenience feature.

Also, Netlify DNS works the same regardless of where the domain is registered. It can be used without registering via Netlify. Also, even Netlify DNS is optional as using third-party DNS services and the external DNS instructions is also possible.

Thanks Luke. We would need to transfer the names we purchased direct via Netlify to to allow us to temporarily change these. This also means we would not be able to purchase any additional names via Netlify due to this.

We have been exploring how to streamline our workflow of buying domains, hosting temp sites and deploying the build sites. I thought we had it worked out but we need to revisit this now.

is it possible to transfer the domains to, if so could we open a ticket for that and let me know what you need from me.

Thank you.

As Luke mentioned, because we’re reselling domains from, it’s not possible for us directly to someone else. I believe, you can later transfer it from to anyone else.

If that sounds okay, feel free to open a ticket with your code and we’ll transfer. Make sure to verify your ICANN details on

Ok will do. Thank you hrishikesh