Bundling assets (post-processing) not longer work with branch deploy

Hi, all! I’ve run into a strange issue with my latest branch builds. The build logs show no sign of failure, but the post processed bundled css and js assets doen’t exist on the CDN (CDN object Not Found - Request ID: 01GMTANCNE53391QJQWR862DVR). If I turn of bundling of css and javascript everything works as expected. Up until now I’ve never had this issue. I am tinkering a bit with the js files, so might it be possible that malformed javascript code on my part would prevent bundled assets to be transferred to the CDN?

My site: hertze.netlify.app

The branch deploy in question: dev--hertze.netlify.app


I am experiencing the same issue and disabling bundling was the only workaround I’ve found.

Sad to hear you’re having issues too! I suppose it might not be me messing up, then!

Hiya! @hertze and @migmartri :wave:t6: welcome to the forums! Sorry to hear about this issue. Our team is aware of this incident and are working proactively to resolve this. We will reach back out soon with an update. In the meantime please monitor our status page as this will be reflected soon.