Bulk Removal of 'rel="noopener noreferrer"' from Internal Links on Migrated Site

We recently migrated our site from Gatsby to Netlify. Post-migration, we’ve noticed that all our internal links automatically include ‘rel=“noopener noreferrer”’ attributes.

While this is beneficial for external links, we prefer to remove it from our internal links to optimize our site’s SEO and internal link tracking. Is there a way to efficiently remove ‘rel=“noopener noreferrer”’ from all internal links in bulk, rather than manually editing each one?

@decwebsiteguy I’m not sure if there’s a special case for Gatsby on Netlify as I don’t use it, but I can’t imagine the rel attributes are being added by Netlify.

Have you tried performing a build of your site locally and checking what it outputs?

If it outputs with the rel attributes when you perform the build locally, then the solution will be to edit your codebase as you require to get the outcome you want.