Updating GatsbyJS relative links to fully qualified links

Hi there,

we have a sizeable Gatsby JS build which we migrated from a large Wordpress site. Our SEO team is wanting to ensure that all relative links are fully qualified. During the migration process, the links that came over from the content was mixed between relative and qualified URLs. With the content now existing in the markdown files, is there a way to update the links across the build from relative to fully qualified? We founds a plugin that takes qualified ilnks and makes them relative but not the other way around.

In case you’re wondering why we want it to be fully qualified links instead of relative links, the reason is for SEO - article example of why this is bad practice https://developer.yoast.com/blog/relative-urls-issues/

I might be a bit of a primitive soul but I’d look to script it, if there’s a lot of pages. Take the relative link syntax and qualify them this way.