Builds not showing current content

I have a my Gatsby 5 site building correctly - we don’t see any errors, however the content is not updating to current version. The site is utilising data from a Sanity CMS dataset, we are using GraphQL to pull relevant information at build time.

When the site builds and deploys to Netlify, we don’t see the most upto date content. This is not the case when the Gatsby site is build and run locally.

The only time I can get the site to build with the correct content is when I manually clear cache in Netlify, and then rebuild. This results in the correct content being shown but unfortunately, the next time a build is done, the stale old content returns.

This is an example link

The issue is that on the right hand side of this page, a series of images should be shown in stacked form. They show locally, they show when we forced cache clearance and rebuild, but as soon as the site rebuilds normally, they disappear and the old content returns.

Please help!

We have had to remove gatsby-adapter-netlify to break this cycle. Once this was removed, content is once again as expected.

This issue is back again. Our content is being updated but when the site builds, it is not showing the updates and is still showing stale content. Rebuilding manually with a cache clear, will show the new content, before the next automated build (via build hook) replaces it with the stale content again.

This has been going on for us for the last 2-3 weeks. Occasionally it appears to resolve, but has come back again now.

Seems like the page-data.json files are not being updated and its serving stale versions. Anyone got any suggestions on how to ensure these are fresh?