Netlify CMS updated locally but not on Netlify

I tweaked my Netlify CMS to allow videos and added some other fields. Works locally. I git added/commited/pushed to origin master, where I can see that my content updated, but’s CMS is outdated. How can I update it?

Hi @steph, is this the same issue as
Do you mind trying:

gatsby clean
gatsby build
gatsby serve

To see if the changes are shown locally.
If they are can you please try re-deploying while clearing build cache?

Did those steps (I regularly do gatsby clean) and committed/pushed to master, but still having the same issue. When I go to the online admin and enter a post or make a new work I don’t see my CMS changes, then I empty the cache and reload, enter a post, CMS changes are there. But when I type in the admin url again, changes aren’t there. Very strange.

Hi @steph,
That is very strange indeed.
Things to try:

  1. Different browser
  2. Private mode
  3. Disable (clear cache after disabling it). I’ve seen cases where that plugin will cache everything under /admin. See If that is the issue you should be able to exclude the CMS from caching via

ah ha! It did work in Firefox and in Chrome incognito. Progress! Thanks erez!!

Rather than adding that offline package override code, can I just npm uninstall gatsby-plugin-offline, or is it an essential part of Gatsby? I don’t fully understand the override code or what this package is doing so would prefer to omit it rather than edit it, if that makes sense.

I see it says in that doc:
“If you want to remove gatsby-plugin-offline from your site at a later point, substitute it with gatsby-plugin-remove-serviceworker to safely remove the service worker”

must I have one or the other?

I think you need both actually:

npm install gatsby-plugin-remove-serviceworker
npm uninstall gatsby-plugin-offline

Since the service worker might already be installed for users who visited your site you need to remove it from the current version of your site and use gatsby-plugin-remove-serviceworker to remove existing installations of it from any users that previously visited the site.

At some point you can remove gatsby-plugin-remove-serviceworker once you’re sure no user has the service worker installed (I would just wait a couple of week and then remove it).