Builds failing without code changes. Same code runs on one Netlify site but not another starting Nov. 17

The sites in question are unagiscooters-nuxt and unagiscooters-staging.

The last published build on unagiscooters-nuxt was on Nov 17 at 3:48 PM. Deploying the same code again causes build errors relating to not being able to connect to Sanity and Shopify APIs. Running the same code (same commit) on unagiscooters-dev builds and deploys successfully (Shopify and Sanity were accessible to the build server).

Netlify Status page shows build problems starting in this time frame (Nov. 17 and Nov. 18) so I’m wondering if the build server for unagiscooters-nuxt and unagiscooters-staging is having DNS or connection issues.

Also, on first failed build there was an error in my post deploy Cypress test showing that it could not connect to localhost. That has never happened before.

I contacted Shopify Plus support and they examined the storefront API request logs, and none had hit the limit rate as of Friday, and none of our traffic had been blocked by Shopify’s protection systems either.

Hi Robert and sorry to hear about the trouble!

I doubt that the build system outages from last week are related to your ongoing problems since they were repaired completely. I can see your last build on unagiscooters-nuxt is using the version of things that we reverted last week to repair the situation, so I am doubly certain it is not at play here.

I did get some feedback around people who use custom node versions in their plugin started seeing builds fail, but I don’t believe this is the same situation since I doubt you use a custom node version in the only build plugin you use which I think is cypress (and that is the latest version in your builds - same one we use dozens of times a day).

So, I can’t tell why the builds are failing but I do not think it was related to the outage, so I’d suggest you use the debugging workflow described here as your next steps:

If that doesn’t help you resolve the problem, please do answer the 3 questions at the bottom around confirming that the local build still works and mentioning what you’ve tried to fix things so we don’t rehash your existing work in our suggested next steps.

Thank you very much, Chris. Setting the NODE_VERSION to use the same version as what is running locally, v16.13.2 (npm v8.1.2) instead of v16.18.1 (npm v8.19.2), solved the build problems. Our dev site was showing an older version of node so it was still building and deploying there. So now I’m curious, if I never set it before, did the default version change on November 17th and why does my dev site use the older node v12.18.0 (npm v6.14.4) when not specified?

Thanks again and I hope this helps someone else with strange build problems. Set your NODE_VERSION!

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We use the latest Node 16 as of now. Minor versions are automatically upgraded.

Because that must have been the default when you created the site and we don’t jump major versions to avoid breaking changes.