Builds are not deploying latest changes

Hey! Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I’ve found my (rather dumb) mistake. The downloaded files contained all the recent changes but the built used the old styles. On closer examination of my developer tools I found that the stylesheet was being served from my customers domain…

In my Hugo’s project head-template I had

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ $styles.Permalink }}" media="screen" /> 

which linked to my projects domain and thus used the old style.min.css of the main branch. It ought have been

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ $styles.RelPermalink }}" media="screen" />

thus linking to my stylesheet with a relative path.

Thanks for troubleshooting! Solved!

HI @js32 :wave:t6: ,

Thank you for coming back and letting us know you solved your problem. We appreciate you sharing your solution with the community.

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