My app is not deployed at its regular URL any longer


Until very recently, any commit on my github repo would trigger a build and a deploy at, but now, it’s always deployed at (with main being my main and only branch in my Github repo.)

I think I understand that this is a (recent?) option but I never opted-in for this.
How could I go back to my previous settings?


No, this is not a recent thing.

The site is still deployed to The branch is deployed to just a each deploy will have a unique permalink URL e.g.

Thank you for this answer.

In fact, some code I pushed 11 hours ago has indeed been deployed at
But my latest commit, pushed aboutt 2 minutes after this one, is not yet online.
What could explain this huge delay between production deployment?

Assuming the build was trigger and successful (see deploy logs) the build (assuming there were new files to upload—again, see latest deploy log) would become the latest live/production deploy. This assumes deploy auto publish is active.

Another possibility it caching, or a service worker (which I don’t believe the site is using.)

If you aren’t seeing what you believe you should, can you share the permalink to the latest deploy and also screenshots of what you are seeing.

OK, thanks again.

The latest commit has eventually appeared.
And yes, I recently turned this app into a PWA. That’s probably what’s delaying the latest version to be visible.

Sorry for my confusion. Case closed!