Deployment doesn't show latest changes with no build failures

Site Name is mamas-fish-house, url is

I have some changes from the site’s CMS and changes to the site’s code not deploying correctly at
However, it is showing on

I’ve followed this forum to try troubleshooting but haven’t figured it out yet.

The build hook is correctly linked, I’ve triggered it several times.
I’ve cleared the cache and redeployed, didn’t work.
I’ve downloaded the published deploy but I wasn’t sure what to look for. Everything seems to match my local environment at first glance.
I’ve doublechecked the publish directory too.

Please help thank you!


I can reproduce this issue and reported it to Netlify support via email.

In my case, I pushed up a commit that changed the markup of the homepage and I don’t see it rendering in browser though I can see it on a deploy preview URL of the same page. I can also see my markup change when I download a zip of my deploy.

I think this post is referring to the same issue and I agree with their hypothesis that it’s a CDN issue.

FWIW, my issues is resolved now. Netlify support told me they purged the CDN cache which I suspect was the fix.

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Thanks for sharing this with the community!

Hi @weotch thanks for your response!

Seems the issue for me was resolved overnight. Must have been the same thing. :grinning: