Builds are getting stuck

Is netlify having issues at the moment? All of a sudden my builds for the master branch are getting stuck. I already reverted to previous versions but I’m getting the same results. Also cleared cache but still, same issue. What is happening?

Hey there, are you still seeing this issue? If you could let us know your account slug or send a link to the failed build we can investigate for you!

Hi yes, it’s still affecting us. Our builds started to fail 2 days ago with “exceeded maximum allowed runtime”. They get stuck even in sites where there was no code changes, they started to fail with the same issue all of a sudden. My account slug is theydo.

Examples of failed builds:

How can I debug this? On My laptop builds are passing using netlify cli

I think the problem might be related to the usage of node 20. Do you have any issues in running node 20 on your builds?

Hi @bmbf,

We’re discussing this in the helpdesk. We’ll continue engaging there.