Some time builds are not making any progress and stuck to a specific step

I have faced a build issue. Netlify has stopped building the website for almost 2 hours. It stuck to its initial stage for a lot of time. It’s the second time I am facing this problem. I have to cancel the build and restart it. I have applied CI/CD builds are automatically triggered. Builds are not making progress unit I manually cancel them and start another deployment. Can we have that fix asap? It means a lot to me. thank you.

Below is the link for that build.

Site ID: f0301307-0ada-4f33-a17f-d392506bfd7f

Hey there, @HussnainINS :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. I can confirm that I see builds now that are working-- are you still facing this issue?

No, I am currently not facing this issue. But sometimes it happens. It’s the second time I am facing it.

I have faced this same issue today also

Hi @HussnainINS,

It looks like this is being discussed in the helpdesk.