GatsbyJS - Build stuck after "done building"


My deploy previews for siteId 3fb79e5c-aea1-4088-bff7-2ec310bbcf2c gets stuck in building process after “Done building” info - then it waits or is doing something forever and timeouts after exceeding a buildTime with “Failed during stage “building site”: Command did not finish within the time limit” error.
I’m not sure what’s the reason, could it be connected with our DNS problem (Let’s Encrypt SSL could not be provisioned - “We could not provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate for your custom domain”) - this is also something I can’t figure out, tried to follow troubleshooting support guide but without luck…

Thanks for getting in touch! It looks like after an update to your netlify.toml file you were able to deploy the site successfully. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist with!