Build Minutes question - when will get charged if i use more than 300?

hi everyone, help.
i got an email introducing new Builds Dashboard and build minues features, it limit for my free account since 2017, and i already passed 1,290 minutes build more than 300 minutes limits for it from the period Sep 1 to Oct 1.
is that i have to pay for it when the December come? just got the mail talk about but totally still don’t understand correctly, pls point me, thank you.

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hi @tiep! welcome to the community forums. I’m super pleased to hear you have been a customer with us since 2017 - thank you for your loyalty. We’ll make sure you understand everything and there are no surprises!

First of all, can you clarify how many build minutes you used in the month of september? is it 1290, or 1590 (1290+300?)

We’ll help you figure this out.

hi tks for the reply Perry, it totally 1290 build times mate, and i just don’t know if i have to pay for it because i just got the email at the morning.

Hey @tiep, thanks for clarifying!

You will not be charged for any build minutes you incur until the December billing cycle. That is when the build minute pricing will start to take effect.

We wanted to show you the September usage so you have the tools and knowledge to prepare. If you use the same number of build minutes in December as you did in September (1290), you would incur a $14 charge for two additional 500-minute build packs on top of the 300 free minutes allocated in the Starter plan. I hope that helps to clarify.

thanks Phil, i totally understand now. thanks much for great thing netlify, i spend much of time enjoy my site hosted at netlify.

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thank you tiep! We are also working on getting you a how-to guide with some tips and ideas on how to optimize your build processes so that less build minutes are needed. We will be posting it soon. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask. :muscle: :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah sure Perry, i’m waiting for it :slight_smile: tks for great works

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