Bug in Netlify OAuth integration

Hello Netlify team,
We run a CI/CD service called Buddy and have an OAuth integration with your platform. However, when we go to Netlify App, select email as login and provide the credentials, we are redirected to your overview instead our application.

Could you please look into it? Or let us know of a B2B/partner channel where we can discuss this.

Thank you
Ada Luppa
Technical Support @ Buddy

It’s not a bug in OAuth integration as much as it’s with how we handle redirects after logging in. We do not redirect to the original URL one was trying to access before logging in. We simply take them to the dashboard.

However, this was partially changed recently. Not sure why it did not affect the OAuth path, but will ask the devs to check it. However, I do not expect it to change any time soon, unless they pick this task up as a part of the changes I talked above.