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Netlify redirect Login error in Bluble development tool, help please!

Hello, I’m using a development framework called Bubble, and I made the settings are working correctly except the login part shows the following message (it was not possible to complete your request )

I’m redirected like this:

From: https://omeuapp.com/*

To: https://testelandingpageok.bubbleapps.io/version-test/:splat

Type: Main

In Bubble the database changes occur but does not login the user is it possible to fix this somehow?

For better understanding I created this page to simulate the error go to: https://omeuapp.com

When creating the account or logging in, the error will occur and the registration information occurs in the database.

Can anyone help me resolve this?

That depends. This doesn’t look like something’s broken on Netlify’s end. You’re making a proxy-redirect and Netlify is doing that for you. But since there’s no code involved (I’m assuming this), I don’t think it can be fixed.

You can ask Bubble support and check if what you’re trying is actually supported.

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How can I explain this in a clear way to what I need for the buble?

Hi @Ewerton,

Apologies, I am not completely understanding your question. Could you rephrase it in a different way? Thanks so much :slight_smile: