Auth0 Login issue using Netlify

Hello Netlify,

I really like your platform and I am thinking about making it my goto. I am having a bit of trouble setting up Auth0. I run it on my local server and it works like a charm but once I try it on the deployed site in Netlify it hangs “Loading”. I set up my _redirects file but am still having an issue. It seems to happen just after I select the login button. Any tips? The following is the URL I am referring to:

Thanks, Keith

hey keith, thanks for checking out netlify! I may be missing something but I couldn’t find the login button on your site? did you remove it?

Hi Perry,

It doesn’t look like Keith above has responded but I am having the same exact issue. When I click on the login button on top top right, I get the below error message:

" This site can’t be reached
undefined ’s server IP address could not be found.

The link for my hosted app is

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Let me know how I can be of further help for you.

hi sambarrick, when i pull up that sounds all i get is “not found”. Did you change the name, perhaps?