Blazor WebAssembly support for .NET 8

Hi! When will we be able to deploy .NET 8 LTS Blazor WebAssembly web apps?
At the moment only .NET6 is supported not even .NET 7.

No timeline, and I don’t expect anything to change anytime soon.

Why is that? Do you mean we Blazor developers should move to other platforms?

.NET is not a highly used/requested features as compared to some other features right now. I have asked the devs about it, but as mentioned, I don’t expect anything to change immediately given that there haven’t even been any internal discussions about it that I know of. There might have been in the relevant team, but Support is not yet informed of any such upcoming changes.

If you urgently need to deploy an app and can’t build locally or on GitHub Actions or similar, I’m afriad you’d have to move to a different platform.

If there is no support for .NET why even bother to include .NET in your platform, I have bought a domain from this platform and I thought I would continue to upload webapps on this platform.

Is that complicated to do a version upgrade on .NET?

Which is this domain?

What’s the point of this question?

We could have cancelled the domain and refunded you.

check the domian connected to this account on netlify and send me an email

The only domain you have is almost a year old andnot eligible for a refund.

Hi, @keke1210. We can transfer the domain to your direct control at the registrar if you like. This will allow you to change the name servers to more easily use it with a different service if you like.

If you would like direct control of that domain, please let us know and we’ll open a support ticket to complete the transfer process.

Or you can upgrade to .NET 8. I am shocked you’d rather get rid of customers on this platform than make it better. It really is a small change being able to deploy an app to a newer framework version.

Stop being rude, @keke1210. You don’t know what I want so stop pretending that you do. It isn’t just rude, it is counter-productive.

About this:

Being as specific as you can, what exactly needs to be changed? My understanding of .NET 8 LTS Blazor WebAssembly is that it requires Internet Information Server (IIS) to function. If so, we don’t use IIS anywhere at Netlify. However, if the requirements are different than that, please let us know exactly what the requirements are.

My intention is not to be rude!
Balzor WASM doesn’t require IIS. It’s a standalone app framework that runs on client. Netlify is actually using .NET 6 because that’s how I have deployed 2 .NET 6 Blazor WASM apps. You just need to install the .NET 8 runtime on your servers and that’s it. Then I can easily deploy by using the .NET 8 version.

My apologies then as I misunderstood.

So, if I’m understanding this correctly, we only have the .NET 6 libraries available in build system and the requirement here is for us to upgrade it or to also include .NET 8.

In the meantime, it should be possible to build locally (or via a GitHub action) and then deploy manually via the CLI tool. However, I’m going to do some research to see exactly what changes would be required to support .NET in the build system at Netlify itself.

We’ll have another update here once we have more information.

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I joined netify with the intention of deploying a Blazor wasm site. I came across this thread while searching for information on deploying .net 8.

Dotnet 8 is now an essential build requirement for me.
Can a static site be deployed in within a docker container referencing the .net 8 SDK?

If not like the op I would have to look elsewhere. I do think 2024 is going to see a rise in the use of Blazor and .net 8.

I suggest you use azure static web apps for new projects

I have deployed a Blazor WASM static site using .Net 8 and Netlify and it’s working just fine so far.

If you look in the issues for Netlify build-image #877 (Add Support for .NET 7 · Issue #877 · netlify/build-image · GitHub) there is a workaround for .Net 7 and it works the same for .Net 8. Just remember to change the channel in the wget to 8.0

The user System-Crash put in very good step by step instructions.