Asking great questions to get great answers

Asking great questions to get great answers

When we are struggling with a stubborn bug, about the last thing we want to think about is expending energy on writing a thoughtful request for help, especially if its something urgent.

But a few minutes of research, some well placed code formatting, and a quick list of things you have already tried are basically guaranteed to make any response you get faster and more directed.

Here are some tips on getting the best answers.

  1. write a great question title and categorize your question correctly - “help !!” is not a title that allows people to understand what you need. Be specific in your title and add your post to the right category for the best assistance. We may also re-categorize your question if it is more likely to get more attention in a different category.

  2. use the search thoroughly - the fastest answer is an already existing one. Try a couple of different search terms. Many #netlify-support:support-guides already exist that may cover your issue, and these are written by our product experts on the Support Staff. You can also comment on an already posted Support Guide that seems related to your situation, if you need more information or help.

  3. make your question precise - if you are facing a really specific problem, please describe what doesn’t work in a specific way. Questions such as “my site doesn’t work” require a lot of time to narrow down. Example hostnames like “” put an extra barrier in front of people trying to examine your actual setup and thus being able to give you the best advice.

  4. format your question correctly - Use backticks (`) to indicate code blocks. Include logs (try linking to them in our UI! If you have a public repository, the build logs are public so others can read them without a cut-and-paste that might miss important information), specific and complete text of error messages, anything else you come across. Add screenshots.

  5. mention what you have read, what you have tried - Chances are, you will be asked if you have read the Common Issues on your specific problem. Speed things up by mentioning that you have read them. If you have been able to troubleshoot, explain what happened.

  6. keep working on the problem and keep the forum updated - if you are able to make progress or fix your bug, please come back and share what worked. The wider community of developers will be very grateful to hear about your fixes.

In summary - make your question the best possible question, and you will get the best possible answer! Anything to add? Share below!


Nice post! Especially glad for #6 keep working on the problem and keep the forum updated!

Here’s a similar post via Stack Overflow help center, How do I ask a good question.


Thanks @brianzelip - it helps people like you, me and everyone else make it easier to help other people :slight_smile: