.NET 7.0 Build Support?

It appears that presently, as of 11/19/20222, that Netlify does not support .NET 7.0 project builds:

Is there a prospective timeline for .NET 7.0 support?

P.S. I am trying to take advantage of some of the new features of Blazor WASM provided in .NET 7.0 (my previous .NET 6.0 build was working just fine in Netlify). I assume I can work around this with a script to install .NET 7.0, but I generally would like to keep that out of my source control if possible.

You can submit a request by creating an issue on the repo: GitHub - netlify/build-image: This is the build image used for running automated builds, but I doubt it would be actioned any time soon (if at all).

Thanks, I have done just that: Add Support for .NET 7 · Issue #877 · netlify/build-image · GitHub
Hopefully support gets added sooner rather than later. :slight_smile: