Basic Site Protection Unavailable - I am a PRO member (one month free)

Urgent question related to a project for employment due tomorrow a.m.
My project is up so thats checked off, but…:

  • I need to set up a basic protection password

  • I have Pro membership (one month free)

  • I followed the directions to the T and when I get to Team Settings → Sites . Default site protection settings container.

  • My issue : the container with the 'Deault site protection settings" is locked but I am a pro member. Why??

  • Please help

scroll to on right: Configure default site protection team

Have you tried looking under Site settings → Access control → Visitor access → Site protection?

thank you. I am now seeing the paragraph too. Why wouldnt that be mentioned as the first paragraph before going to “Protect your sites with netlify login”? I was under the impression my free one month was not getting through.

Thanks again.

I guess it depends on the section you are reading. The Configure site protection for a single site mentions the same location I pointed you to.