Banned account for deploying

I have a serious complain here.
Why suspend my account for no good reason. This is really so annoying. My first account with netlify got banned while deploying a project.
I opened a new one and immediately got flagged.
I’ve been seeing replies like “you’re protecting your platform from fraudulent activity…”

How about new accounts?
Why suspend it for no offense committed?
Please, admin, do something about it. Please

Thank you

The email to the suspended account is

Auto spam bots detect suspicious activity. Can you please share the Netlify URL

How do I get the url when I don’t have access to the account?
I can’t log in to it.
I haven’t deployed or hosted anything.
In fact, it was when I was signing up that I got flagged.

So you haven’t created a site yet? This is probably just an auto response from a bot. What are you planning to use Netlify services for?

I’m a developer. I use it to check how my site will work when I finally get a proper hosting and domain name. I also use it to show client what their work will look like when it’s done.

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One of your accounts i’m not seeing a ban.

This account was banned automatically upon signup. Were you not prompted to attached your verification documents via stripe? Also can you tell me the use case for you have two accounts on Netlify? You are not allowed to have more than one account on our platform.

I did not have two accounts. I had just one and it got suspended while I was working with it.
Because of how important the work is, I had to open a new one with a different email, which got flagged immediately. Now I have to verify my identity. I don’t have problem with that.

But why suspend my main account without any warning of violation?

Here is the email to the suspended account

so you have no association with an account using this email w*b*a*a*e*e*t* You are getting suspended because you cannot try and signup again after your account was banned.

I have sent your email to our VP of security he will follow up to your ticket ASAP and will send a verification to your email.

I’m only using this particular account to lay a complain. I couldn’t use my main account because I wasn’t able to log in.
Thank you for your responses. I appreciate it big time.
Please, hope nothing will happen to this particular one I’m using to message.

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