Awaiting External DNS - Deleted site but Deployed it again using same domain and nameservers

Setup my site and deployed it successfully using an external domain host (godaddy). Wanted to make revisions and instead of just letting the initial deployment alone I went and deleted it. I re-deployed the site under the same domain, waited 24hrs. and I’m still seeing under my Domain Management the warning for “Awaiting External DNS”.

My question is, if you delete a deployed site but keep the same domain and then deploy another site under that same domain do the initial nameservers for the original deployment need to be updated?

dns host: godaddly
dns servernames (initially used):


In Netlify DNS, do you see NETLIFY records for and

Not sure if I’m in the right area but under Domain Management all I see are the following options (attached image)

Hi there, in that domain management section, right where you have the drop-down clicked, you need to select the “Set up Netlify DNS option”. Then, please verify you still have the correct NS record values as those can change between sites. That should work!

Ok, tried it and contacted support via the link in the attached. I guess someone there will get back to me. Thx.

I thought you had already add the domain to Netlify DNS?

I did, then deleted my site and tried to re-deploy it with the same domain and ran into the DNS zone issue.

This is what I currently have in my DNS Record per the " Duplication / continuation of Awaiting External DNS - Deleted site but Deployed it again using same domain and nameservers" post.

No idea if that’s correct or what else I need to do in order to get this straightened out.

Domains are separate to sites, sites separate to domains. You can delete a domain without deleting a site and delete a site without deleting a domain.

There are two options when using a domain with Netlify, external DNS (e.g. GoDaddy) or Netlify DNS. The screenshot shows is not configured correctly for either of these options.

If you have previously add to Netlify DNS do you see the domain listed on the Domains page of the Netlify dashboard?

  • If you do see it, you need to change the name server to those provided. Additionally remove the custom domain from your site then assign the custom domain.
  • If you don’t see it you have two options
    1. Add the domain to Netlify DNS and add then remove / assign the custom domain as above.
    2. Use external DNS.

I am trying the same few hours already: this option doesn’t work, does not suggest correct NS names, but instead says that zone already exists. I reset GoDaddy settings few times already, doesn’t work. Maybe I just need to wait 24 hours more.
But my previous (other) domains took few minutes to setup.

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