Automatic Let's Encrypt certificate provisioning issue


My domain ( hasn’t gotten the SSL certificate automatically. It has been more than 3 days since it is active, nameservers are pointing to Netlify, “dig” shows no errors.
I have no clue what is wrong, could you please check out what is the domain missing for a Let’s Encrypt certificate?

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@marissz You have two oddities with your DNS setup.

First, it appears that you have manually entered a SOA record, which is not only wrong but unnecessary given that your DNS is handled by Netlify.

Second, you have your MX record pointing to Netlify, but Netlify does not handle mail so you will never be able to connect with your mail server.

It’s worth noting that your domain name responds to dig -t ANY, which is a good indication that Netlify is not in control of your DNS.

Thank you for pointing this out! SOA and MX + other records were automatically enabled by default on my domain provider, which I never needed. Now that I have disabled local DNS service (which should mean that only nameservers are pointed towards Netlify), it looks like it’s still the same or worse after 12 hours.

Unfortunately, I think you’ll need to contact Channel Island Hosting support for this :frowning: If you run whois, you’ll see:

Name servers:

Those are not Netlify servers, which is why we can’t set up your SSL certificate. Please let us know if you contact them and there’s any way we can help further.

So the issue was with incorrect configuration, as I didn’t need to manage DNS records through their “dedicated DNS package” as it had pre-configured DNS records. Now that it is sorted out, got the certificate provisioned after not a long while. :ok_hand:

Sweet! Very glad to hear you’re up and running again.

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