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Automatic github deploy stopped working - installation suspended

Until today the site updated automatically when I pushed to the linked github repo. Today it stopped working and manual deploys failed with this message:

Error enqueueing build. POST https://api.github.com/app/installations/7156990/access_tokens: 403 - This installation has been suspended // See: https://docs.github.com/rest/reference/apps#create-an-installation-access-token-for-an-app

The deploy log says “Error checking out repo. Please verify Netlify app installation on GitHub.”

Can you help me resolve the issue?

I figured it out. I had accidentally suspended the netlify app in my github account, just like the error message said. I could unsuspend it by going to the repository -> settings -> installations -> Netlify. On the bottom of the page there was a big old unsuspend button.

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