Auto-Approval Setting Ignored

Hi Netlify,

It seems that git-commit triggered deploys are getting approved regardless of the auto-approval setting. This is happening across multiple accounts. Any insights? Or is this setting deprecated?


Hi, @cosmicneil. I’m not aware of any changes around this. It could be a bug or there could be some other explanation.

Would you be willing to share a deploy id or site id with us? If so, we’ll research this to discover why the deploys are running and follow-up to let you know what we find.

Yeah, here you go, here’s a deploy ID: 642f4b872f9c910007ff489c

@cosmicneil This was definitely a bug on our end. Would you like us to remove the git contributor who was added to your account 10 days ago?

Our team also having the similar behavior of Auto-Approve setting. None of our members commits need to be approved on Netlify although I’ve set the Auto-Approve to “Require approval”.

Hi @tung.tran,

We’ve responded to your helpdesk ticket.

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