Attching Widget Script into my Netlify Create Local Code file Structure

Hello Everyone,
I am stuck on few problems, one is that I have script tags to add in my HTML page for a widget. I have developed my website on netlify create with next js, tailwind css with help of template. I have downloaded the code from github, and I am not able to find the index.html file where i need to attach my script tags, How can i make the widget script working and find my index.html file?
Where is it present?

@kumarrishabh.kumar96 It’s going to be hard for anyone to direct you within a template they cannot see.

Can you provide a link to the repository that you’re working with?

sure. This is my project id: …/studio/65e8b2bbfd5fd500bd329544/

Also I am facing one more problem related to routing. While in editing mode all links and website looks working fine. But when I am opening Live Site the routing is not working correctly, and some pages are not changed at all , looking like default.

I have no idea what this references.

I don’t work for Netlify, I cannot access any of your files here.

You mentioned you downloaded the code from GitHub, I’d presumed you would just provide a link there.

To receive community support, whatever you link to has to be public.

@kumarrishabh.kumar96, I understand the issue is probably important and urgent to you, but creating so many duplicates is not an acceptable way of asking for help.

You created this forums post, wrote it to the helpdesk and also personally emailed me (maybe you also reached out to someone else on the team for all I know). You’re making us spend extra time dealing with the same questions across multiple platforms, causing us to get slower to get to not just your, but to everyone’s questions.

Hi Hrishikesh,
Yes, I agree, I have asked the same question before on the forum, but couldn’t get the desired response. Apology for duplicating the issue at multiple places, as this was the first time I was using a support team. I would be more careful from the next time onwards. I respect everyone’s time and please do not pay attention to duplicate posts if I have done somewhere.

Rishabh Kr.