Appeal on Account Suspension - Netlify Account Suspension Without Notice

We were unable to log in to our account today and received a message that it was suspended. This was unexpected and we did not receive any prior notification or warning. We have several clients who depend on their websites hosted by netlify. This suspension is causing us a lot of inconvenience. We request you to restore our account as soon as possible and explain the reason for the suspension. Please tell us what information you need from us to resolve this issue.

hi, I am not seeing a block on your account. Can you share the email you believe you are suspended on?

Hi Sam,
The email is:

Hi, can you try logging in again and let me know if you are still getting this?

Works fine Sam,
Thank you for your support.

What can we do to avoid such a scenario in the future?

Hi right now nothing as we suspect this is an issue within our systems as you have not violated our terms of service. We are now working to resolve this issue.

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