Announcing the free 30-day Enterprise trial!

We’ve got exciting news for you! The Netlify Enterprise trial is now available, giving you the chance to experience the full power and capabilities of Netlify Enterprise – for free!

Scaling your business applications, storefronts, and large sites requires enhanced performance, reliability, and collaboration within your team. We’re dedicated to providing you with the tools and services needed to achieve your goals. With our Enterprise trial, you’ll have access to features that will help you take your web applications to new heights.

Here’s a sneak peek at the amazing features you’ll enjoy during the trial:

  • High-Performance Build which yields 4x higher concurrency and 3x more memory
  • 12 concurrent builds for faster development and reduced bottlenecks
  • High-Performance Edge with a global, multi-cloud network that’s 30-50% faster than our standard network
  • Log Drains for efficient log analysis and monitoring with third-party services
  • 1.5 TB bandwidth for high-traffic applications
  • SAML SSO for secure, single sign-on for your team
  • Personal email support for prompt assistance when you need it

Get more details on the Enterprise trial and how to sign-up here. Our team is here to guide you through every step, ensuring you see the benefits in no time. Happy deploying!

I fully admit that I’m not the target audience for this…

Entering a credit card is required, but you will not be charged for the trial.
This step is to ensure a smooth transition to your Netlify plan once the trial period has ended and to prevent any possible abuse.

Surely I can’t be the only one to find it a little strange to have a “trial” which appears to transition to a paid plan automatically after 30 days, but for which no pricing is advertised.

I presume pricing is outlined at some point during the onboarding?

I don’t dare press any of the buttons, as I don’t want to accidentally turn our account into an Enterprise account (having previously been quoted for one, and having found it extremely out of our reach).

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I agree that a no-credit-card-required trial (regardless of the product/service offering) is a much better option. Netlify aren’t the only ones to offer a credit-card-required trial though—if memory serves correctly, Shutterstock does the same.

Shutterstock has a (relatively) clearly-defined method to cancel subscription before a card is charged. As long a Netlify have the same, I guess it is acceptable (kinda.)

Would most certainly hope this is the first piece of information presented.

Same. Considering the pricing I seen in post through these forums, my non-existent credit card wouldn’t have the available funds to handle such a transaction.

There is no transition to an automatic paid plan at the end of the trial (after 30 days). Our Sales team will be in touch to discuss pricing. If deemed unsuitable, one can always downgrade to the Starter plan without any charges.

But thanks for pointing out the confusion. The body in the UI can be confusing, so we’ll work on improving that.


@hrishikesh I understand why Netlify don’t advertising pricing for it, but I’ve never encountered anything before where you “sign up for an unknown price”.

If the sales team can’t (or won’t) advertise pricing, (even a rough “starting from”), then it may be worth mentioning what you’ve said, that the sales team reach out to negotiate pricing and that there’s no automatic payment on the card you’ve supplied.

While it does mention that you won’t be charged for the trial, reading between the lines on that gives you something like “you won’t be charged for your first 30 days… BUT you will be charged immediately after that”.


Because other companies do things like that, and (while Netlify is upfront about it) that is what happens with the ‘Pro’ free trial. It makes things somewhat confusing.

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