Announcing Private Integrations for Netlify Core!

Hi all, following up on last weeks’ announcement, we’re excited to announce the General Availability of Private Integrations for Netlify Core.

We wanted to address some of the pain points around the following developer workflows:

  • sharing commonly used custom logic and internal tooling built on top of Netlify functionality across projects had to be shared through Node packages on a private registry;
  • it was not straightforward to set up and install custom build plugins that you wanted to keep private to your team on sites; and
  • as companies grow and acquire other companies, it’s likely that there are multiple internal services that need data forwarded to them from various sites, and need tooling that performs this functionality.

Using the Netlify SDK, Private Integrations can be created that contain reusable, internal tooling for your teams and sites. Developers can easily install these integrations on their sites with just a click of a button.

Since Private Integrations are hosted on Netlify as a site, they also benefit from atomic deploys which allows developers to rollout and rollback changes quickly like they would with a site on Netlify.

What can I build in a Private Integration?

The following are currently available to be used within a Private Integration:

How do I get started building one?

Take a look at our documentation for getting started here.