Buildbot repo not public?

Is this buildbot repo not public ? I found some references to it in the GitHub - netlify/build: Netlify Build (node process) runs the build command, Build Plugins and bundles Netlify Functions. Can be run in Buildbot or locally using Netlify CLI repo bit upon visiting the link it opens 404
Netlify’s most of the products related to build process is open source so I was wondering why isn’t the same case with buildbot repo?

Yeah, it’s private. It might have some proprietary code that the devs considered keeping private. Are you looking for something specific?

Thanks for the reply.Yeah , actually I with another friend of mine is looking into the Netlify build process for some security research. It’s pretty similar to this recent research where a researcher was able to compromise Cloudflare build process and reported it to them Cloudflare Pagesにおける権限昇格と任意ページの改竄 - RyotaK's Blog

Any valid finding would be reported to the Netlify security team through the dedicated channel : HackerOne

We were dealing with the buildbot binary, as it’s not open source it’s getting really tough understanding how certain things work,etc we are currently using dissambler to reverse engineer like ghidra still it’s taking a ton of time to go through it. Having access to the original code will make the process of finding bugs much simpler.

Hi, @sudi_dev. There are no plans to open source that repo at this time.