All logins with netlify-identity-widget now fail


Since yesterday evening I get “Failed to handle signup webhook” whenever I try to login into my site with netlify-identity-widget

I’ve tried numerous old deployments (I totally love the ability to do that) but they all fail the same way.

As my frontent includes netlify-identity-widget from the CDN I can only assume something has changed there.

I’ve made no recent changes to my front end authcode or the deployment other than adding an env var.

I’m supposed to be demostrating this tomorrow so appreciate a rapid response!!!

WOAH - I found a bug in my indentiy-login function. So the problem has gone away

BUT why did older deploys not work when this was only in the lates version of the Function.

Functions are part of the deployments so should be saved with the deployment? Surely there is not just the latest version of Functions. I know you use AWS Lambda so maybe you do that? If so PLEASE DOCUMENTENT IT LOUD AND CLEAR!!!

So what confused me was no erros in local dev console but only in the deployed function. I forgot loca lauth under Netlify dev is ‘complicated’

hey slim! thanks for posting your journey - is everything working now as expected?