Akismet ate my post in Support forum

I wrote a lengthy post asking for help with redirects and when I hit Create Topic, I see a message that Akismet hid my topic thinking it was spam. The URL was Redirect rules from months no longer parsed the same way? but I didn’t get any captcha or notice that it would get moderated to pass guidelines or somesuch.

Do I need to start over?

My post appeared after several hours without notification. Not sure I understand the mechanism for its resolution but it’s resolved nonetheless.

hey @fivetwelve ,

sometimes our akismet spam protection gets a little overeager. If you are new around here, it is especially sensitive and will flag posts that contain a lot of text, images, links to the same site etc as likely spam.

When that happens, the post won’t appear in the forums until a moderator (likely me) gets a chance to review the post and unspam it.

I realize this can be a bit annoying but we do think that having as little spam as possible makes the experience better for everyone! the best approach is simply to spend more time here and get a little bit of user reputation! that goes a long way in informing the robots that you are legitimate and not trying to sell knockoff viagra or fake watches :wink:

Thanks for the insight, Perry. Completely understandable. I think a little addendum to Akismet’s message would be informative and less jarring: “Your post will be reviewed by a community manager. Reach out if nothing happens after X days/hours.”


good call! do you have a screenshot of the message you’ve received?

Sorry, unfortunately it disappeared before I could do that. :confused: