Admin page updates only appearing in deploy Preview

When I make changes to a Gatsby blog that I have deployed with the Netlify CMS, I see changes to the public page almost immediately after deploying (crazy fast, it’s great – But when I make changes to Template files, I validate them locally then push, but never see the changes reflected in my re-deployed /admin dashboard. I tried the standard troubleshooting for this, clear cache, incognito etc.

If open the deploy log and follow the “Preview” to, I do see the changes in the admin dashboard.

Is there anything I can do to display these changes at the standard URL upon deploy? I feel like I’m missing something obvious, and sending a content manager to a custom url after deploying changes isn’t great :/.

Thank you!

Hi Max,

Sounds like maybe you’ve set some custom cache-control headers on some assets (you do - I hope you were VERY careful about setting those since we advise you not to - see for details), and/or have a service worker interfering with loads? Do you see the issue when you browse without cache and after deregistering your service worker (which I can see you have one of on that site)? Service Workers are included by default in some Gatsby versions and tend to cause this type of situation: