Admin dashboard issue


i have installed Blue Eclatant Eleventy Theme 7 on netlify by adding theme to git and then to netlify - everything is working fine but how to login in my admin dashboard to post something

when i try it shows page not found

when i try it shows user not found

when i try with github login it shows unale to authenticate this instance in url

identity is set to open

please tell me how to login in admin dashboard for this site

Hey @pinder99,
Could you please share your Netlify URL so we can take a look?

it is and i have theme which i installed on netlify with git

Dear Team,

My issue is still pending please help me , i have to make my site ready by today

Hey there! Seems to be up and running now. I presume that you got caught by our spam bots which can sometimes happen with templates. Let me know if you have any more persistent issues!

no i have used domain on other website

issue still pending

can you tell me the process to install this theme i purchased from 11ty to deploy on netlify (i added theme to repository and then deployed on netlify but admin page is missing and theme does not provide admin page how to first install 11ty cms and then install my theme (i am beginner)

Hey @pinder99,

The site is up and running and I can navigate to Can you elaborate a bit more on the issue you’re exhibiting?

If you’re trying to configure the backend, you may want to refer to the CMS documentation.

but i am not able to log in as it shows you dont have access to this repo (login via github)

You’ll want to check to see what repo you’re pointing to in your CMS configuration and ensure that you’re logging in with a GitHub user which has permissions to do so :slight_smile: