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Add more build minutes for Team I’m not an owner of


I’m on a Team I’m not the owner of and I’d like to add some more minutes to help me end Hacktoberfest without things failing.

I was directed here by support on Twitter. What do I need to do? The site is https://remoteintech.company

Good news - That will happen automatically :slight_smile: We add build minutes packages as needed (only - you cannot “pre-purchase” them), and will charge for them at the end of your billing cycle, which for that site is going to be on November 1st.

Since you have already gone over that free limit (see details here: https://app.netlify.com/teams/nylen/builds/), the team owner will need to add a credit card within the next couple of weeks to prevent suspension of their team and all sites on it.

Hey Chris!

So that is going to be a problem. I’ve not heard from the team owner via email and they’ve not participated in the GitHub repository that the site deploy comes from in some time.

Also, this teeet makes it sound like I can get some minutes without adding a card? https://twitter.com/netlifysupport/status/1322201773012971525?s=21

Like, I want to pay but because I’m not the owner I can’t add my card or I’d have done it already :sob:

The extra build minutes will still be added automatically even if you don’t have a credit card on file.

Then you’ll have 30 days to get that bill paid. Hopefully that’s enough time to figure out the credit card dilemma.

If paying is not really an option you should stop site builds for the rest of the bill cycle. You can read more about this feature in the stop builds section on Netlify Docs.

Got it, thanks for explaining the timeline, Laura!

I’ll see what happens over the next wee while and look at starting over in my team since I think that might be the only option long term.

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Hey all!

I’ve now had the site moved to my account - is there a way to move the charge for more Build minutes since I was the one that put it over and I now own the site? The site owner won’t be paying and I can’t add my card for that other team.


Hi, @dougaitken. There is currently no way to move the charges to a new team. However, I’ve manually issued a one-time adjustment to the original account so won’t it be billed for this.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.