Account Suspended


I tried to create an account using my mail, but on logging in it’s already suspended, I haven’t used it all , what can be the issue?

Your account should be enabled now.

Please what did you do about it because I’m experiencing same issue

Hey there, @Favour :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums and thanks for reaching out! It looks like your site was suspended upon registration by our spam detector. Can you describe in detail what type of sites and content you will be hosting at Netlify? This will help us move forward with the unblocking process.

I’m a frontend web developer I would like to host my portfolio on netlify

As far as I can tell, your account is in good standing - at least the only one I know of for you, linked to this email address.

Since I see you posted in multiple places, and it does look like your account was re-enabled manually, perhaps someone else has taken care of it already. Please don’t do that in the future - post in one place please and thanks!