Account Suspended


I tried to create an account using my mail, but on logging in it’s already suspended, I haven’t used it all , what can be the issue?

Your account should be enabled now.

Please what did you do about it because I’m experiencing same issue

Hey there, @Favour :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums and thanks for reaching out! It looks like your site was suspended upon registration by our spam detector. Can you describe in detail what type of sites and content you will be hosting at Netlify? This will help us move forward with the unblocking process.

I’m a frontend web developer I would like to host my portfolio on netlify

As far as I can tell, your account is in good standing - at least the only one I know of for you, linked to this email address.

Since I see you posted in multiple places, and it does look like your account was re-enabled manually, perhaps someone else has taken care of it already. Please don’t do that in the future - post in one place please and thanks!

Hi. I just opened an account now but on logging in for the first time, it is already suspended. What could be the issue?

Hey there, @oluwafemijohn1000 :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out. It looks like your signup automatically triggered a spam report. Can you please describe in detail what types of sites and content you plan on hosting here? This will help us determine next steps.


Please I have same issue, what should I do?

please could you check mine too… i’m having the same issue.

Hey there, @Ngee and @Olabanky :wave:

It looks like both of your signups automatically triggered a spam report.

Can you please describe, in great detail, what types of sites and content you plan on hosting here? This will help us determine next steps.


thanks for responding to my message… i’m a student though … i intend hosting my personal portfolio project here.

Hi, @Ngee. I see you were able to create an account today using a different email address. We don’t allow people to have multiple Starter accounts.

You can have many paid plan teams. For example, you can have two Business plan teams or five Pro plan teams at the same time. For Starter, though, it is only one per person.

If you want us to unlock the login for the email address being used for this forum post, we will need to suspend the login unlocked in the support ticket # 119950.

To summarize, you do have a working login. If you want us to switch which of the two logins is working, please let us know.

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Hello @hillary ,
Thanks for your time. I am a student and intend hosting front end development projects

Hi, @Olabanky. Your login has been reactivated. ​Please let us know if you still see any issues when logging in.

@luke Thank you for the response.
I tried to login but couldn’t.
I got this error message:
No user found for this email/password
I tried to recover password but I’m not getting the reset password mail even after several attempts.

Kindly advise on what to do

What email address are you trying to use to login @Olabanky?

@hrishikesh I am using

Hi, @Olabanky. I don’t show any attempts to request a password reset for this email address. I just tested requesting a password reset email now and I do see that the email was delivered successfully.

You should see the email in your inbox now. If it expires, you can request a new one here:

​Please let us know if you still do not receive the password reset emails.