A records not working?

Hi there, I have the custom domain “answerly.io” here at Netlify.

Every new A record that I’ve added today has stopped working. For example:
redacted has an A record to a server IP address hosting an https server.

If you scan “redacted” for DNS records, you can see the netlify A record there, however if you try to open it, it says it does not exist.

Adding new A records was working fine yesterday, but today it’s not working. I’m unable to debug it since there’s also no status update if there’s a problem/maintenance with the DNS service.

Old A records, for example, are wroking fine: redacted

Can someone guide me what could be wrong?
Thank you

NS1, our DNS provider is having issues:


Thank you for your response. Do you think it will take longer than a day/week to fix?

Unfortunately, we do not know. They might have communicated about this with our engineers, but our Support team has not received any such communication from them. I do not think it would take that long though. Should be a few hours, realistically, but that’s my guess.

Alright, I understand. Thank you very much for your help. For me it is important to understand whether it was an issue with us or Netlify.

Best of luck!